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Manuscripts should be sent in word file format, aligned with 12 pt., 1.5 line spacing.
The person (s) who will send the article are required to write a short description or CV file along with their contact address.
Your name, e-mail address and the title of your article must be included in the file name and the subject of the mail.
(Otherwise it will not be evaluated.)
Footnotes and bibliography of the works used in the article should be given in detail.
Although an article with a lot of spelling errors is not taken into consideration, the article is scrutinized about plagiarism.
The text with plagiarism is rejected by returning via e-mail.
If there is any visual or drawing of the article, it must be stated whose work is.
It should be sent in the same e-mail with the text in high resolution.

First of all: Art, cinema, literary criticism, history, philosophy, archeology, science, psychology, sociology are among the accepted subjects in addition to the articles about culture and art.
Conversations and interviews are given importance.
Stories and poems are published once a month.
Lists, informative articles, short articles are accepted as priority. Political-religious discrimination, propaganda articles; Any study that supports bad habits and drug incentives in particular and that is written with hedonist approaches
will not be evaluated.


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