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Under The Night Sky by Alex Forst

I love stories and I love telling them using my pictures. However, the reason why I started photography 3 years ago was that I just wanted to take some good selfies. I still take selfies but nobody will recognize me there. Photography has become a lot more for me than a means to an end. It is the expression of my art, my feelings, and my fantasy. Since I can remember I love the stars and it was only natural to start with star photography.

I like pictures that tell something or convey a feeling and that is exactly what I try to combine. When I post my photographs I try to give very little influence to the viewer. I don't write descriptions for my pictures and I don't give them a title. I want the viewer to create their own story. It is my biggest success when I read some of the creative stories under my photos.

More info: Instagram

- Alex Forst


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