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The Calming Scent of Music: Bloom Pool

Hi Liam, can you tell us briefly about yourself?

Hi! I’m Liam Naish, a 23-year-old musician from Bristol UK. I make music under the alias ’Bloom/Pool’, arrange instrumental covers on YouTube and curate playlists on Spotify.

Why Bloom Pool? Does this name have a story?

When choosing a name for this project I was obsessed with the Radiohead song ‘Bloom’. I loved the KoL version of it as well as the ‘In the Basement’ live version. I even fell in love with the Jazzmaster Thom uses which led me to buy one

myself. When I began making music it seemed natural to call myself ‘Bloom’, but there were also countless other artists named Bloom… I also loved the name ‘Pool’ but with my accent it would just sound like I was saying ‘Paul’ anytime someone asked about it. In the end I opted for both and put a ‘/‘ in the middle! In lower case (bloom/pool) it’s almost like a reflection of itself with the ‘/‘ acting like a mirror. It just seemed perfect!

What is the place of music in your life?

I live in the UK and I’m also fortunate to live in one of the music hotspots of the country, Bristol. Before lockdown I would go to at least 4/5 gigs every month in the countless venues across Bristol, Cardiff and London. During the summertime, this country is booming with Festivals like Reading, All Points East, Glastonbury etc. some of which I liked to also attend.

What kind of music do you make? Which artists are you inspired by?

I always find it hard to nominate it to one genre, but I think ‘Instrumental Post-Rock’ is the most fitting. My original music is melodic, progressive, ambient and sometimes loud and droning. For this sound I’m heavily inspired by the likes of Oh Hiroshima, Explosions in the Sky, Palace and Radiohead. I feel there’s a pocket from each of their sounds that makes an appearance in what I make.

Are there any songs you composed? What does your inspiration usually consist of?

Yes! I have released 3 EPs and 2 albums available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all those other streaming platforms. As stated before, mainly the same bands that influence me to make it in the first place!

Should the capacity of the commentator be taken into consideration while composing?

I don’t really take into consideration what other people might think of what I’m doing. I feel this whole Bloom/Pool project has been a joy because I have no committee over what I do. I work completely alone so every decision I want to make, I can make. If I was worrying about what other people might think when they hear, I feel it would just taint what I actually want to make. I’ll always make music I would want to listen to, not what I think someone else might like.

Would the capacity of the song performer affect you?

Not really as all the music I make is instrumental, so it kind of makes it universal, which is amazing!

What kind of music do you listen to? Is the lyrics or sound in the foreground in the music you listen to?

I listen to a lot of alternative, indie, post punk and post rock. All these genres have a really nice blend of great songwriting and music composition. I think for me, the lyrics are always secondary and the music is always in my ears first.9-Will you go on alone or do you have an idea to form a group?

I think Bloom/Pool will always be a solo project. I love the idea of doing collaborations as Bloom/Pool and forming a band to play live. But all the writing and producing will be done solely by myself. If I were to form a group, I would want to start from the ground up again and maybe try something new.

Have you ever performed? If so, where do you usually do it?

I have never performed live!

Are small bands supported in your country? Is it necessary to make an extra effort for this?

In Bristol and many musical cities across the country, there are tons of independent venues/grassroot venues where small bands can perform and start a following. These places are really loved and looked after though, prior to lockdown a lot face the threat of being closed down. Now lockdown has happened, these venues have struggled even more! So I’d say there used to be a lot of effort made, but now, the people higher up are slowly losing interest in keeping these places afloat.

What do you want to say lastly about the music?

You can check out all my music via this link:

And to anyone taking the time out to do so, thank you very much!! x



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