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The Artist who Heals the Wounds: Larry Ruhl

Can you tell us about yourself? Who is Larry Ruhl?

I am a mixed media and collage artist as well as a writer.

My memoir, Breaking the Ruhls, was released in 2018. My work is primarily focused on recovery and healing from complex trauma.

The work we do takes up most of our lives. What impressed you in this selection process?

I find writing and visual art, collage in particular, great mediums of self-expression and reaching others who have lived through traumatic experiences.

First, we want to ask to make it easier for people to understand. What is a collage?

By definition a collage is an assemblage of paper, photographs, or other various components put together to create one art piece. I interpret the definition as loosely as possible.

We want touch briefly on the subject about your art, your collages. There is something that touches the human spirit with art. What does it mean for you?

I came from an abusive childhood. My work is a manifestation of both that trauma as well as the process of excavation, healing, and reincarnation.

Is there something that inspire you? Or someone? Or purely by imagination?

My mother is often the subject of my work. Collage is a method in which I can explore both her mental illness as well as the more nurturing side to who she could be. I am also largely inspired by the hypocrisy of the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

You are a person who shoot great photos. You have an interest in photography, right? Especially flower photos. Can we say this is your inspiration for your art?

I enjoy taking photos, but I would never consider myself a photographer. I appreciate the compliment very much.

Is your art a criticism? What kind of emotion do you have while performing your art?

My art can be critical of religion and of society’s refusal to acknowledge the suffering of trauma survivors.

Which sources are your inspiration when putting a name on your works?

Normally if I attach a title or words to a piece, it involves either my mother or religion.

If art were to be one of the 4 elements; fire, water, air, earth which would it be? Why?

Fire. I love using fire, burning, and melted wax in my work.

Does your life guide your art or otherwise?

I would say equally to both. Depending on the project or frame of mind I’m in.

What do you want to show and say to people with your art? Or does it have to have such a purpose?

My main message is that healing is possible.

Finally, what do you want to say?

I feel a deep void when I am not creating. I strive to work in some visual form every day but if that’s not possible, I find time to write.


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