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Sculptor Reflecting the Reality of the Soul: Gilulio Cinti

First, can you tell us about yourself? Who is Gilulio Cinti?

I was born in Rome in 1990. I’m an Architect and a Sculptor. Actually, I work as an Architect, for my family’s an engineering and construction enterprise “Sintesi s.r.l” founded by my father Siro Cinti. The other part of the day I spent it totally in my lab for sculpting, it’s a soul’s necessity. So when I finished designing spaces or buildings I need to start to model my emotions.

Why sculpting? What impressed you in this selection process?

I started sculpting for Love: Since I was a child I have had a passion for Arts but only when I was 20, during my Architecture’s studies, I met my girlfriend Giulia and to impress her I decide to make a special gift, a silver bangle swan modeled by my hands. It worked! then I have understood that sculpting it’s my best way to express what I want to say.

Is it death or life that affects you while making the sculptures? Where exactly does your inspiration come from?

I lost my father 5 years ago, which change my mind a lot. I don’t think my inspiration come from death, or from my father’s death, I think that moment was only something that opens my eyes to life. My inspiration comes from people and existential conditions, from the world that was inside of every one of us, from our weaknesses, from our fears and doubts about life.

Every artist is inspired by someone in some way. Are there any artists you are inspired by? If so, who and why are they?

Yes absolutely! I’m inspired at first by Medardo Rosso an Italian impressionist sculptor of the xx century, I love it. Then the masters Federico Severino, Igor Mitoraj, Javier Marin, Gregor Gwiazda, and Roberto Barni are my reference points. I stole something from every one of them and reinterpreted it in my way, every one of them has a particular relation with matter, with the body, I like how they can make evocative the weight of matter.

What do you think about the Mother Nature sculptures of the famous Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn? Do you think people who are increasingly addicted to technology and distance themselves from their own self, are also moving away from nature?

It’s epic, in all the meanings of these words. The dynamic of the elements it’s so evocative, has something frightening but wonderful at the same time. The question on Nature remembers me an interesting argument explained by Hannah Arendt in “Vita Activa”: she thinks that when the Human race will fly away from the Earth the human part of us will be destroyed; I think the same, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong but I’m quite sure that we are losing our Humanity, maybe it’s our fate.

In Italy, there was an invisible statue of Salvatore Garau and it was very expensive, what do you think about it? How do you evaluate art in terms of being abstract and concrete?

I think that art is also business and it’s very difficult recently to understand where is the limit about that. I think that the artworks of Salvatore Garau want to explain in an ironical way how much is important and influential in contemporary human life the “unnecessary” and the “virtual” like the concept of “value” or the concept of “spirituality”. I love every kind of art, I love art when can tell something, so abstract, concrete, and figurative art is best just when they talk about our inner part, talk to us and talk about us, about something that can be shared by everyone.

Do you listen to music? Is there a genre of music that helps or inspires you while performing your art?

Music is so important for me, for my work, and for my art. Recently my favorite artist is Burial I love his music, also all the contemporary synth-wave and low-fi music: artists like French 79, Lorn, Boy Harsher, Kindest Cuts, Moderat, and Kaleida. I love also classical music and contemporary compositional music: Max Richter, Philip Glass, Olafur Arnalds, and Nils Frahm.

It is believed that every art has a story. What do you think about that? Can a sculpture contain any meaning or story?

that’s no Art if there’s not a story, I think the “soul” of something consists just in his story, so when we recognize beauty or art in something it’s cause we feel his “Story” his “Soul”.

Do your sculptures have a special story?

Yes they have, it’s like a little theatrical scenario where the figures of this drama came from my inner. The matter is only a “medium” to get weight for this mild shadow.

If your life were a painting, where would your art be in this painting?

Surely the painting was impressionist whit something surrealist, and my Art, and my work all around.

Any last words?

With my artworks I try just to tell the inner questions that a lot of people can share with me, I don’t try to get an answer for that, it’s just poetry.

Thanks for your interest all the bests for you!

Giulio Cinti


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